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  • Jul 31 2015
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The Most Beautiful August 2015 Lock Screen Calendar For Your Smartphone

August is just around the corner! A new month of beautiful memories and another chance at organizing my life! I wanted to start off this month by changing up my lock screen to something more functional and decided I wanted to add a calendar.

Here is the best I've found online.

This is one of my absolute fav sites for printables! Absolutely gorgeous lettering and colors.

Included in this download is a 8 x 10 calendar printable which can be used on your smartphone as a wallpaper.

Get this:

  • May 8 2015
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Sporty Outfit - Phone Case + Outfits Day 8

Today's #OOTD

Raining (and snowing!) in SoCal this week but it doesn't stop us from working for our Memorial Day Weekend bodies. With so much info and communication going on, it's essential that we keep our smartphones with us, even when we're working out.

Here's a list of what's in today's OOTD.



  • May 1 2015
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Phone Case + Outfits Day 1

May is finally here and we're totally ready to dress ourselves (and our phones) for the occasion!

Dive into floral prints, lace, studded accessories and more! A new outfit will be posted everyday of this month (with links, yay!) for your viewing pleasure.

May 2015 Phone Case + Outfit Ideas: Day 1

Featured Phone Case:The All Black Studded Wallet Phone Case
is handmade to order right in our warehouse in Los Angeles and can virtually be made for any phone model!
Request your phone model by contacting us here.

The other goodies in this #OOTD.

Jeans: $30.00 BLACKFIVE.COM
Top: $6.00 HM.COM
Cardigan $22 MONKI.COM
Scarf $5.00 PIECES.COM
Backpack $2000 NET-A-PORTER.COM

  • Apr 3 2015
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Top 10 Easter Pastel Themed Phone Cover Cases

Easter is just around the corner, so we wanted to take a quick moment to show off all the cute pastel themed phone covers for this season! Most of these cases can be made for ANY phone model, which is an amazing deal if you have a non iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone. Our competitive prices and ability to customize is what makes us different from other phone case stores!

10. Cutie Pink Pastel Chevron Phone Case $9.99 Free domestic shipping
Pictured for: BLU Studio 5.0 CE

9. Modern Disco Tribal phone case $9.99
Pictured for: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

8. Retro Pastel Tribal Studded wallet phone case $29.99 free domestic shipping
Pictured for: Apple iPhone 6 Plus

7. Pretty In Bow wallet phone case $19.99 free domestic shipping
Pictured: Apple iPhone 5S

6. Believe and Be Saved phone case $9.99 free domestic shipping
Pictured for: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

5. Anchor For The Soul phone case
Pictured for: HTC Desire 612

4. Jack Rabbit phone case
Pictured for: Apple iPhone 4S

3. Dry Pressed Flowers & Pink Dry Pressed Flowers phone case $9.99 free domestic shipping
Pictured for: ZTE Imperial II 2

Pictured for: LG Tribute , LG transpyre , LG F60

2. Fancy Lace phone case $12.99 free domestic shipping
Pictured for: Samsung Galaxy S6

1. Multi Colored Chevron phone case $9.99 free domestic shipping
Pictured for: LG G3

What do you think? Would you use any of these cases for yourself? Comment below!

  • Nov 6 2014
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What Does It Take To Be Happy?


Is it possible to be happy by changing the pattern we do things? A recent article by Sophia Harper of states

"...create new goals before achieving your current one. That ensures a continual flow for experiencing dopamine. As an employer and leader, recognizing the accomplishments of your team, e.g. sending them an email, or giving a bonus, will allow them to have a dopamine hit and increase future motivation and productivity."

Wait, dopamine? You heard right.



These 4 "happy chemicals" will make you feel motivated, significant or important, create intimacy, strengthen relationships and release pain and stress.

Find out how to be happier by clicking and reading the rest of the article here.

  • Nov 5 2014
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5 Phone Cases From The Heart: November Of Love

Ah, November. The leaves are falling, we're planning family gatherings, day dreaming about a turkey diner, and worried about all the winter weight we're about to put on during the rest of the year. All in all, November is all about giving thanks... about LOVE.

This week we've decided to feature the classic symbol of love, the heart! All of these items are available on our website

Please email us at for any questions, or just chat us from our website. MUAH!

iPhone 6 4.7 Polka Hearts Black White Tiny Heart Cover Case
Nothing is as simple, classic and cute as a heart polka dotted phone cover. This case for the Apple iPhone 6 (with the 4.7 in screen) has a glossy finish to it and comes in 2 pieces that snap onto the front and back of your phone.
Check out this item by clicking here. $9.99 with free USA shipping.

iPhone 6 4.7 Polka Hearts Black White Tiny Heart Cover Case

LG G2 Verizon Black Gold Pyramid Heart Studded Cover Case
This black rubberized snap on case for the Verizon LG G2 is embellished with gold pyramid studs in the shape of a heart. Really cute design that we've been selling out of for not just this phone model but about 20 more. Get this case by clicking here. $17.99 always, free shipping within the USA.

Apple iPhone 5C Dark Silky Teal Gold Silver Heart Studded Flap Wallet Case
This wallet phone case has a magnetic closure with a smooth metallic fabric. Inside there are 2 card slots as well as an extra slot behind that. The iPhone 5c snaps into the hard back cover case and keeps your device in place while protecting it from bumps and scratches. Check out this case by clicking here. $21.00 free shipping within the USA. Yes! We can make this for any phone model and yes, it will always be the same price for all phones!

Hearts & Soul iPhone 4 4S Case
This back cover case for the iPhone 4 or 4s has a glossy finish with heart dots that some out of the case for texture. Really cute item that's been getting a lot of love from our customers lately. Get this phone case for your iPhone 4 or 4S by clicking here. $9.99 with free shipping within the USA!

LG G2 Verizon Black Glitter Romance Black Hearts Hard Cover Case

This double snap on hard plastic case for the LG G2 was customized with glitter hearts all over. We can make this design for any phone model so just ask! Get this case by clicking here. $14.99 with free USA shipping (Same price for all smart phone models)

  • Oct 3 2014
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Mean Girls Appreciation Day At Shop Trokm : A Fetch Phone Case Giveaway Event!

"October 3rd, he asked me what day it was"

At Trokm we absolutely LOVE Mean Girls and to celebrate we're having a giveaway event on our Instagram account @trokm.

All you have to do is...

1. Follow Us.
2. Tag 3 of your friends in the comments section under this image:

It's been almost an hour and we already have a group of people competing to be the winner!
Make sure to follow us on Instagram for other surprise giveaways, coupons, and gifts!

Instagram account @trokm

  • Oct 2 2014
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Pick Out Custom Stud Colors For Your Handmade Studded Phone Case From Trokm

Did you know Shop Trokm has access to over 50 different colors of studs? Everything from white to black, pink to blue, teal to gold.... you get it. Contact us today and let us know the colors you want on your case. We can even have custom printed designs made especially for your phone model.

Here's an example of a custom magenta studded phone case we made recently.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us >>Here<< and get your very own custom phone case today!